Huqooq ul Bahaim [Janwaron kay Huqooq]

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Huqooq ul Bahaim Janwaron kay Huqooq

Huqooq ul Bahaim [Janwaron kay Huqooq] By Maulana Ikhtiyar ul Mulk حقوق البہائم

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)’s compassion and kindness did not just apply to human beings. However, his compassion and mercy also helped to defend animal rights.Huqooq ul Bahaim Janwaron kay Huqooq, Because of the nature is Allah is His characteristics just as the joy and displeasure of Allah were revealed to us by the prophets and angels who brought the revelation to them. Huqooq ul Bahaim Janwaron kay Huqooq.

حقوق البہائم

Islam is the religion of nature, that outlines human rights and animals are outlined. The Prophet’s treatment of animals, and the right to be treated demanded the most effective treatment for them.

Book/Title Huqooq ul Bahaim [Janwaron kay Huqooq]
Author/Writer Maulana Ikhtiyar ul Mulk
Category Book
Part 1 / جلد ایک
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