Hum Raqs Novel By Naila Tariq

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Hum Raqs Novel By Naila Tariq

Naila Tariq was the creator of the novel Hum Rqs Pdf. It’s an outstanding romantic, romantic, and social-cultural tale. The story was first released in the monthly show on a website, and then fully. In this tale, the writer spoke about the different shades of life, such as love and hate, despair and dream, reality and hope, and so on. The writer shared the lessons of determination, perseverance, and faith through the tale. She said that one should not be discouraged when faced with hardship and trust in the assistance of Allah who has never been anyone who makes puts forth the effort to accomplish any goal. Hum Raqs Novel By Naila Tariq.

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Hum Raqs is a Social Romantic story, famous Urdu Novel Online Reading at Urdu Novel Collection. Naila Tariq is a novelist who has been set up and writes regularly. The novel was first published in the month-to-month scene as a digest, and then in an in-print book. In this novel, the author discussed the various shades of life such as love and hate, frustration and trust, hopes and reality, and more. The writer provided an illustration of tough work, courage, and faith in her story. She emphasized that one should not give up in challenging times and should trust in the assistance of Allah who has never left in his man in vain when they work to attain any goal.

Hum Raqs Novel By Naila Tariq

About Naila Tariq

In this story, the author relates the life of a girl called Marjaan who became an orphan when she was born In the present, she was living with her stepmother who slapped her repeatedly without any reason. The story changes when a man named Yashab arrives in her life. Her fascinating story will be read in this novel.

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Naila Tariq, a Pakistani writer is the author of the novel Hum Raqs Novel Pdf. It’s a wonderfully romantic, emotional, and emotional story. The story was first told during the month-to-month episode on a website and then in a full. In this tale, the writer explored various aspects of life such as hatred and love, dissatisfaction and faith dreams, reality and dreams, and so on.

Ishqam novel by Naila Tariq

The author gave an illustration of the hard work, mental strength, and faith in her story. She said that men must not give up in difficult times and should believe in the guidance of Allah who never leaves the unproductive man that strives to attain any objective.

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Naila Tariq is a well-known story essayist and an incredibly driven female writer from Urdu. She started her career through magazines and reviews after which she wrote some bestsellers as well as serialized tales. She embraced a unique writing style and chose to write about imaginative elements. I hope you will enjoy Hum Raqs’s Novel Pdf and will offer the book.

Hum Raqs Novel PDF

The writer tells her story’s plot in such a manner that keeps readers guessing what’s going to take place in the next. She is a seasoned writer with full control of her skills and plot. If you like romantic Urdu novels, this book is sure to please you.

Book/Title Hum Raqs
Author/Writer Naila Tariq
Pages 197
Category Novel
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