Islam Mein Haywanaat Kay Ahkam

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Haywanaat Kay Ahkam

Islam Mein Haywanaat Kay Ahkam By Maulana Muhammad Yusuf Khan اسلام میں حیوانات کے احکام

Islam has not just taught the rights of humans and their superiority, but also outlined the rights of each living creature. Islam provides a complete system of living. Haywanaat Kay Ahkam, All creations and creatures are made through Allah subhanahu wa Ta’ala to serve an exact purpose, and according to the reason He organizes the creations.

اسلام میں حیوانات کے احکام – از مولانا محمد یوسف خان

Prior to Islam was introduced, not only the rights of humans were violated, but there was also no notion regarding the animal rights. There are animals who are compelled to accomplish the purpose and aim which was envisioned by the creators.

Book/Title Islam Mein Haywanat Kay Ahkam
Author/Writer Maulana Muhammad Yusuf Khan
Category Book
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