Hayat ul Haywan Urdu By Allama Kamal ud Deen Al Damiri

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Hayat ul Haywan

Hayat ul Haywan Urdu By Allama Kamal ud Deen Al Damiri حیات الحیوان

For years, Hayat ul Haywan has been a renowned animal encyclopedia, containing comprehensive information on a wide range of creatures. The book covers 1069 different animal species, detailing their medicinal properties, types, and benefits. Due to its popularity, the book has been translated into multiple languages.

حیات الحیوان – از علامہ کمال الدین الدمری

Allama Muhammad bin Musa bin Isa Kamal al-Din al-Dumiri, may he be blessed and granted peace, authored an Urdu translation of the Arabic book Hayat al-Haiwan, which is an encyclopedia of animals. This book not only covers information on animals but also delves into Quranic verses and hadiths.

Book/Title Hayat ul Haywaan Urdu
Author/Writer Allama Kamal ud Deen Al Damiri
Category Book
Read Online
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