Hasil Novel By Umera Ahmed

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Umera Ahmad is the author of the book Hasil Novel pdf. It is described as a socio-romantic tale that was published earlier in the month’s episode. The author addressed a variety of issues in the book, however, her main focus was love and the facts behind it.

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Umera Ahmad has been a well-known female novelist and story writer. She is the writer of several blockbuster titles Peer e Kamil and Aab e Hayat. In addition, she is a screenplay writer as well and has produced a number of acclaimed drama serials for the audience. I hope that you will enjoy this book which is a romantic and social Hasil Novel PDF and feel free to share it with your friends.

Hasil Novel By Umera Ahmed

Overview of Novel:

Hasil is a beautiful Urdu novel that has a hint of faith. Umaira Ahmed was able to write this fantastic novel to the beginning of her nifty adventure. In terms of plot and atmosphere, this novel is not inferior to her other work. The novel was first featured in Khawateen Digest in the episodic in June 2000. It then was published as a book by Ilm-o-Irfan editors in 2012.

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Hasil (HSl) Hasil (HSl) is an emotional socio-cultural Urdu novel with a hint of religion. Umaira Ahmed came up with an amazing novel at the start of her novel’s enlightening journey. In terms of characters and plot are concerned, this novel is not even the least bit inferior to her other work. It first appeared as a story in Khawateen Digest in the rambling format in June 2000 and was published as a book by Ilm-o-Irfan distributors in the year 2012.

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According to Umairah Ahmed Hasil was her undeniably favorite and most loved novel among her first work. It also laid the foundation for her subsequent well-known work, La Hasil (lHSl). What’s the connection between these two novels? You will only find out when you read both books.

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In this novel, in addition to sentiment, the obvious element of religion is located. It highlights the importance of firm faith and trust in the lives of Muslims.

Hasil novel summary

The story of Hasil is two people who are trying to find the true motive and the meaning behind their faith in the aftermath of experiencing unforgiving events in their lives. Sometimes, it appears in a way to be Peer-e-Kamil.

Storyline Novel:

Hadid along with Sania are the two main characters in the tale. Hadid is saddened by the ill fortune of life, makes efforts to change his beliefs while Sania is a guest in his life. After a brief time, they both discover peace, love, and God within the process. It’s just that it feels like they were rushed to the final. The ending of this story occurs quickly. It could have been improved when it was taken slowly towards the point of the peak.

About Umera Ahmed

Umera Ahmed is a Pakistani female writer, actress, and storyteller. Umera Ahmed doesn’t use the concept of speaking flexibly. She shares her topic in a captivating and fascinating story. She has grown with the smallest time-lapse.

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She is amazing for her tales. Umera Ahmed is among the most diverse and well-known Urdu fiction novelists as well as state-of-the-art writers in the present day.

Book/Title Hasil
Author/Writer Umera Ahmed
Pages 352
Category Novel
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