Haasil Ghaat Novel By Bano Qudsia

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Haasil Ghaat Novel By Bano Qudsia

The Bano Qudsia was the writer of the novel Hasil Ghat. She is a renowned novelist and story writer from Urdu. Bano Qudsia is the wife of Ashfaq Ahmed, a renowned writer from Urdu. Bano Qudsia is the writer of several books. Haasil Ghaat Novel By Bano Qudsia. This book is controversial, as it’s not considered a book to be an actual novel.

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“Hasil Ghat” this fantastic Urdu story is created by Bano Qudsia. The Novel is a fascinating Urdu story that is based on a real incident. Following Raja Gidh, it is the second most successful Bano Qudsia work. Most of the work done by Bano Qudsiya is dedicated to people who are refugees and not able to return home to their homes.

Haasil Ghaat Novel By Bano Qudsia

Storyline of Novel:

A Pakistani family that lives within America. The United States is the main plot of this book. The story has been mixed with other stories. A man travels to the United States to see his daughter in this story. While in the United States, he was confronted with some sorrow as well as life-changing lessons. The father and daughter are the most intriguing characters. The conclusion of the novel is intriguing. The characters supporting it are also extremely well-developed. In addition to the other ideas included about the author, the narrative of the book is based on his memories and ideas, his cultural connections, and his views on living in both the United States and Pakistan. This book is a critique of western culture. The book is aimed at those who favor Pakistani values of culture and social interaction in comparison to western ones. Bano Qudsia appears to hold traditional beliefs about women. She doesn’t believe in women in the modern world being equal to men. In the end, this story is not suitable for everyone because the author criticizes the western culture.

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The original Hasil Ghaat story is unique and doesn’t have an exact storyline. The story follows a mature man who travels to America to visit his baby girl.

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She works as a medical attendant and is married to a specialist. He usually sits in the gallery, recalling his previous life and the contrast to that of the USA. In the end, he leaves his home country, stricken with sadness.

Hasil ghat summary

The story of the original is about his thoughts, musings on social analysis, and views on life across Pakistan and the USA as well as Pakistan.

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There is clearly a fundamental character in this novel that is geared toward the western culture. This book is for those who prefer Pakistani social and cultural aspects over western culture.

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Bano Qudsia is a woman who has moderate views about women. She is not a fan that women today are equal to males. So, her views might not be appropriate for everyone.

About Bano Qudsia:

Bano Qudsia was a novelist and playwright from Pakistan born in Firozpur on November 28, 1928. She moved to Pakistan following India’s partition. India. She earned a master’s degree at Kinard College Lahore. She mentions the name of Bano Aapa.

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Her fame was due to his bestseller Raja Gidh. The Pakistani government granted Qudsia the Sitara-i Imtiaz award. In 2010 the Pakistani government honored Hilal-i Imtiaz for his contribution to literature. It is possible to read his tales of his dramas, biographies, and stories as follows:






Best work of bano Qudsiya.

Book Title Haasil Ghaat
Author/Writer Bano Qudsia
Pages 336
Published date January 1, 2005
Category Novel
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