Gilgamesh Novel by Aslam Rahi MA

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Aslam Rahi MA, the author of The Gilgamesh Urdu Novel. It’s an amazing tale about a famous character. Gilgamish was the chief of Uruk prior to Jesus. He was the one who arranged for the construction of a wall in order to protect Uruk from flooding and foreign invaders. Additionally, the author did research extensively and wrote this book.

Download Gilgamesh Novel by Aslam Rahi MA in PDF

Aslam Rahi MA is a popular name in the world of Urdu novels. When he was writing the author wrote a vast variety of stories about history. He is a writer with a distinct style that is admired by many. I hope that you will enjoy the Gilgamesh Urdu Novel PDF from Aslam Rahi MA. Please share it with your friends.

Gilgamesh Novel by Aslam Rahi MA

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The famous story Gilgamesh (glgmsh) was been written by the famous writer Aslam Rahi M.A. The novel is a historical fiction story that dates in time to around 2500 BC. The book is likely to have 600 pages, and it is truly beautiful and draws the reader in.

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Gilgamesh Novel (glgmsh trykhy nwl)Authored By Aslam Rahi M.A. The Gilgamesh was the five-time leader of the ancient Sumerian city Uruk (Iraq) in 2500 BC. This book presented the entire background and biography of the king Gilgamesh in the Urdu language.

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Urdu wrote the book “glgmsh trykhy nwl” which is available through the Pakistan virtual library with excellent Pdf reports to aid in the research of our customers. Check out the connected links to browse the book on the internet or download the entire novel in PDF format and experience a solitary reading experience on your computer or mobile phone.

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The plot of the novel is based on the epic tales of Gilgamesh the earliest leader from Uruk, the Sumerian city of Uruk. He is a ruthless king who governs his people by force. And then, God created a savage man called Enkidu in order to prevent Gilgamesh from oppressing his people. In the end, Enkidu was defeated by Gilgamesh during the power test, and then they became allies.

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Gilgamesh’s wild and brutal character changes when he comes up with human bonds like closeness and friendship. He is convinced that it is important to have close friendships and is loved by the people around him.

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The tale also provides an understanding of the cultural values, social and traditions of the people of that time. It outlines their method of thinking, the challenges they faced, and their way of living their lives in a new way.

Download Gilgamesh Novel by Aslam Rahi MA in PDF

Urdu Historical writer Aslam Rahi M.A was a great novelist. His books cover a wide range of historical characters. His books are thoroughly researched and provide valuable information about historical events. The book can be read online. Alternatively, you can download the free Gilgamish Novel in pdf format to read offline. Click the links below to read the book online or download the book.

Book/Title Gilgamesh
Author/Writer Aslam Rahi MA
Pages 286
Category Novel
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