Fatawa Faridia By Mufti Muhammad Farid

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Fatawa Faridia

Fatawa Faridia By Mufti Muhammad Farid فتاوی فریدیہ

The crucial issues surrounding Hajj and the other events that take place today are embellished by historical references. Mufti Muhammad Farid was a famous mufti from Pakistan. It is a Fatawa Faridia by Mufti Muhammad Farid book Fatawa Faredia By Mufti Muhammad Farid can be downloaded in Pdf format.

فتاوی فریدیہ از مفتی محمد فرید

Every important issue that concern death and the deceased up to funeral are covered in this book Many controversial topics are clarified in a concise and rational manner.

Book/Title Fatawa Faredia
Author/Writer Mufti Muhammad Farid
Category Book
Read Online
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