Ek Diya Jalaye Rakhna Novel by Maha Malik

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Ek Diya Jalaye Rakhna Novel

Maha Malik is the writer of Ek Diya Jalaye Rakhna PDF. The author of the book is an extremely talented women writer hailing from Pakistan. She has written a variety of books. Certain of her stories have been telecast on top television networks in Pakistan. Now being published in a regular book format. Maha Malik taught the lesson of hope to readers in the tale. She advised that everyone should have faith in the struggle and dedication. Ek Diya Jalaye Rakhna Novel by Maha Malik.

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Ik diya jalaye rakhna written by Maha Malik is an emotional novel written by the writer. She has written a number of collections and has a huge amount of readers waiting for her novels. She is very well-known for her exceptional writing style. Most journalists tell us the truth and tell us about the stories that happen all around us. They can influence people with narratives and their language.

Ek Diya Jalaye Rakhna Novel by Maha Malik

Ik diya jalaye rakhna novel part 2

Ek Diya Jalaye Rakhna (ikh dy JLY’Y RKHHN) is a well-known Urdu novel written by the popular Pakistani novelist Maha Malik. It tells a touching story of social realism that takes place within Pakistani society. The book was previously published ramblingly within Shuaa Digest – and later was published as a standard hardcover book. It is among Maha Malik’s most lengthy and elaborate works.

Ik diya jalaye rakhna novel part 3

The people who tell the story do not lose faith even under the most basic of circumstances. The story revolves around normal people in our community and then reaches a broader range of family mishaps, the violence of double-crossing, and a firm conviction. It eventually reflects different aspects of human life. The story is populated by characters and a broad range of human activities.

Lamha ye aitraf ka novel

Maha Malik usually offers a different perspective from our public readers. She usually provides many examples of ethics in her writings. Ik Diya Jalaye Rakhna is not an exception as she helps us understand that no matter how challenging the conditions may be we must always maintain our expectations.


It’s the tale of human beings who never lose faith even under the most difficult circumstances. It follows the normal people of our community and then jumps into the family’s misfortunes, greed, and treachery, as well as firm belief. In the end, it is a reflection of many aspects of the human experience.

Ek Diya Jalaye Rakhna Novel PDF

This story is a collection of diverse characters and a range of human behaviors.

Book Title Ek Diya Jalaye Rakhna
Author/Writer Maha Malik
Pages 656
Category Novel
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