Dua ka Sahih Tariqa By Maulana Ala ud Din Qasmi

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Dua ka Sahih Tariqa

Dua ka Sahih Tariqa By Maulana Ala ud Din Qasmi دعا کا صحیح طریقہ

Allah loves it when you ask Him and rely on Him for all things. But, whoever doesn’t ask Allah, Allah will be angry. It is best to pray by raising your hands to the level of your chest, your palms facing the sky. The Qibla of prayer refers to the sky with a small distance between your two hands. Dua ka Sahih Tariqa, After the prayer, you can rub your face with both of your hands.

دعا کا صحیح طریقہ

In the books of commentary and hadith, the correct way to supplicate Allah Ta’ala, is the one that has been narrated by the Messenger of Allah. May Allah bless him and grant his peace.

Book/Title Dua ka Saheh Tariqa
Author/Writer Maulana Ala ud Din Qasmi
Category Book
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