Dasht e Junoon Complete Novel By Iqbal Kazmi

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Iqbal Kazmi was the creator of Dasht e.Junoon Novel Pdf. It’s a fantastic story, first published within the month-long Mystery Magazine in the episode format. Later, it was published in regular book format. It is action suspense and a thrilling tale.

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Iqbal Kazmi is a well-known name among Urdu Novel readers. In his lengthy professional writing, he published numerous super-hit books and novels. He also wrote a few action stories that put him on the top ten list of novelists. People loved Iqbal Kazmi’s novels and waited eagerly for his next novels. I hope that you will enjoy Dasht e. Junoon Novel Pdf and then share it with your contacts via social networks.

Dasht e Junoon Complete Novel By Iqbal Kazmi

Dasht e Junoon novel part 2

A mission-oriented novel Dasht e Junoon is written by the legendary Urdu writer Iqbal Kazmi. It is a classic that was first published in the Monthly Anonymous Magazine in the format of chapters. Then it was published in the form of a regular book. The book is an action, excitement, and doubt. It is among the most valuable work by Iqbal Kazmi.

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The story of the clever revolves around the inhabitants of two lodges, Fazal Manzil and Falak Boss. Both offices are home to different families and have distinct storylines of the events.

Ddasht e Junoon complete novel pdf download

Within Fazal Manzil, numerous families live together in a family structure. The customary love, conflict, and a desire to be with each other – as well as their arguments as well as jokes, make the tale enjoyable. Their lives are going great and easy until a young and attractive guest appears.

Dasht e Junoon novel Kitab dost part 2

And then there is the Falak Boss structure is marked as a spooky and frightening location due to the fact that certain individuals claim to be able to see phantoms as well as bizarre creatures. Moravia is a resident of the structure together with his friend. The two discuss a couple of small animals in his vicinity of him continuously.


The character’s presence grows more intense and becomes more apparent over time and eventually the man is believed to be dead. The death of his wife becomes an open secret to everyone as if it were murder or self-destruct. To find out the truth about his death it is imperative to read the novel since we don’t want to make the story more complicated for you.

Dasht e Junoon Novel PDF

HTML0The plot of this novel follows the young and intelligent teenager, Naila Durrani, who is shot in the stomach and is left to die. However, fate had a plan other than death for her. She endures the trauma and sets out to pursue the perpetrators. So, a series of thrilling events unfold that is enjoyable to read. The origins of the story are very grounded in our society and the people.

Who is Iqbal Kazmi:

I am sure you will love the novel Dasht e Junoon Novel by Iqbal Kazmi. Share it with your friends on social media sites. Iqbal Kazmi is a renowned writer and author of Urdu and has created a number of short stories. In the past, he gained recognition for his novels that were successful. He discusses various social issues that undermine the foundation of our country. On this website, you will be able to see the images of as well as the Collection of Iqbal Kazmi’s Novels.

Book/Title Dasht e Junoon
Author/Writer Iqbal Kazmi
Pages 527
Published Date January 1, 2010
Category Novel
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