Dasht e Junoon (Complete) Novel By Amna Riaz

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Amna Riaz is the author of the book Dasht E the Junoon novel. It’s a great serialized tale that was published in a quarterly digest that was praised by readers. Amna Riaz describes some strange characters and events in the story that made it more educational. She spoke about the reality that ghosts and spirits and another supernatural phenomena.

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Amna Riaz is an acclaimed female novelist, story writer, and drama journalist. She wrote some outstanding stories and novels that were published in daily digests in Urdu and garnered a large readership. She writes with a distinctive style and addresses issues that affect the public in her writing. Amna Riaz wrote some television plays for private channels that received a large audience across the globe. I hope you enjoy Dasht e. Junoon Novel Pdf and feel free to share it with your social media buddies.

Dasht e Junoon Novel By Amna Riaz

Dasht e Junoon novel part 2

Dasht-E-Junoon is an original novel by Amna Riaz. It’s an excellent episodic tale that was published through a bi-monthly digest that attracted the attention of people who read it. She describes bizarre events and characters throughout the narrative, making the story more interesting. She revealed the reality of glimmers and spirits. The book is 8500 pages as well as intriguing subjects.

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The story of the clever revolves around the residents of two hotels, Fazal Manzil and Falak Boss. The two offices belong to various families and have distinct storytimetables.

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In the story of Fazal Manzil, numerous families are living in a joint family structure. The customary affection, rivalry, and jealousy towards one another, as well as their petty arguments and jokes, make the tale pleasant. Their lives are going great and easy until a young and attractive guest appears.

Dasht e Junoon novel Kitab dost part 2

However, it is also worth noting that the Falak Boss structure is marked as a scary and spooky location due to the fact that certain individuals claim to have seen apparitions and bizarre creatures. Muaavia lives in the building together with his friend. The couple ponders on a few animals hidden all the time.

Dasht e Junoon novel Kitab Ghar

The presence of the man becomes more and more evident with every passing day until, at some point, the man is believed to be dead. The death of his wife becomes unrevealed to everyone like it was an act of homicide or self-destruct. To understand the truth in relation to the cause of his death you must read the book as we don’t want to spoil the plot.

Wehshat e Junoon novel

The story’s main and central persona is Khush Naseeb who lives within Fazal Manzil with her mom and sister. She is a determined young woman who lives her life based on her surroundings and isn’t paying attention to any person.

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All in all, Dasht e Junoon is an unsettling, frightening, and spine-chilling novel that also examines the family unit and the underlying sentiment. The tale is captivating and the characters stimulating. You’ll surely enjoy reading this book.

Who’s Amna Riaz:

The plot of the novel is centered on Fazal Manzil and Falak Boss. Both are the central characters of the novel who live their lives. Both families are home to diverse families, each with different thoughts. Different families reside within Fazal Manzil as part of the family unit. Their typical love, fervor, and jealousy for each other, along with their disagreements and humor keep the story exciting. The couple’s lives go well until a charming young visitor arrives. Another girl, named Khush Naseeb who lives within Fazal Manzil with her mother and sister, is the main character and central character of the story. She is described as a rebellious girl who runs her life according to her own rules and is adamant about not listening to anyone.

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Amna Riaz is a well-known female novelist, storyteller, and scriptwriter. She writes for magazines and newspapers of Urdu. In her time she wrote some great short stories and novels which appeared as Urdu monthly digests and attracted an enormous amount of notice. Her style of writing was influenced by public issues and she displayed a unique style of writing. Amna Riaz authored a number of dramas for television networks that received a great reception throughout the globe. Bisaat-e-Dil Drama became the reason for Amna Riaz popularity. The novel that follows is an extremely popular novel: Sitara E Sham Novel, Mah E Tamam Complete Novel, Tum Akheri Jazeera Ho Novel, Marg-EWafa Novel, Mohabbat Be Iman Thehri.

Book Title Dasht e Junoon
Author/Writer Amna Riaz
Pages 877
Category Novel
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