Darhi Zaroor Rakhunga By Muhammad Ishaq Multani

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Darhi Zaroor Rakhunga

Darhi Zaroor Rakhunga By Muhammad Ishaq Multani ڈاڑھی ضرور رکھوں گا

Having a beard is a significant aspect of the Islamic creed, as it represents one of the distinguishing traits of Islam. Shaving one’s beard is deemed a sinful act, while sporting a clean-shaven face is considered an insult to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Darhi Zaroor Rakhunga, Sadly, in this age of dwindling religious commitment, Muslims as a community seem to be overlooking the importance of adhering to this fundamental practice of Islam.

ڈاڑھی ضرور رکھوں گا – محمد اسحاق ملتانی

This collection of articles provides valuable insights into the topic of beards. As such, it is incumbent upon every Muslim to spread awareness about the religious obligation and merits of growing a beard, as well as its practical benefits in both spiritual and worldly matters.

Book/Title Darhi Zaror Rakhunga
Author/Writer Muhammad Ishaq Multani
Category Book
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