Darhi ka Shari Hukam By Mufti Muhammad Rizwan

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Darhi ka Shari Hukam

Darhi ka Shari Hukam By Mufti Muhammad Rizwan ڈاڑھی کا شرعی حکم

Beard represents one of the Sunnah of all Prophets, the symbol of Muslims and is one of the physical and natural aspects of a man. Darhi ka Shari Hukam, Beard is part of the religious mantra of Muslims. According to public experts of the Ummah it is mandatory to have a beard, and shaving smaller than one handful of times is prohibited and constitutes a serious offense.

ڈاڑھی کا شرعی حکم

China, Japan, Korea, Malaya, Indo-China, Burma, Tibet, Nepal and all regions inhabited by people who are of Mongolian origin have naturally white beards.

Book/Title Darhi ka Shari Hukaam
Author/Writer Mufti Muhammad Rizwan
Category Book
Part 1 / جلد ایک
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