Darbar-e-Mohabbat Novel By Nazia Kanwal Nazi

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Darbar-E-Mohabbat Novel

Darbar-e-Mohabbat by Nazia Kanwal Nazi Pdf Urdu novel free download. You can read this novel right here. “Darbar-e-Mohabbat” is a famous Urdu novel written by Nazia Kanwal. The title Darbar-e-Mohabbat is the word for “palace of love. It is a romance and social Urdu fiction composed by Nazia Kanwal Nazi who is among the most well-known female Urdu novelists from Pakistan. Nazia Kanwal Nazi has published a number of other Urdu novels. Her own fan club due to her style of writing.

Download Darbar-E-Mohabbat By Nazia Kanwal Nazi PDF

Darbar-em-Mohabbat is a renowned social Urdu novel written by the well-known women Urdu writer Nazia Kanwal Nazi. The novel is likely to have 100 pages, so you could read the whole novel in one go.

Darbar-e-Mohabbat Novel

The storyline of Novel:

The main plot revolves around a homeless woman who is on the verge of charity. In the end, she’s lost confidence and, as a last resort, she decides to go to the mosque to seek the blessings of Allah All-powerful. A saintly senior recognizes her condition and sends her to his home to take charge of her. When she arrives at the house she is greeted by his adorable young son who at first didn’t like her coming to their home. However, as you are reading, the events take place at some time and every deviation is a possibility.

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Darbar e Mohabbat is composed by the well-known heartfelt author Nazia Kanwal Nazi. Nazia Kanwal Nazi is an acclaimed Urdu essayist who is famous for her love, sentiment, and socially-oriented books, especially for females.

Nazia novels

She has written a variety of Urdu Social, Love, Romantic, and fiction titles for a long period of time and is featured in Monthly Urdu Digests of Pakistan. Download the most recent book by Nazia Kanwal Nazi. Darbar e Mohabbat by Nazia Kanwal Nazi is a well-loved Urdu emotional and social book.

About author Nazia Kanwal Nazi:

Nazia Kanwal Nazi is a well-known Urdu writer who is well-known for her love, romance, and community-based novels, written exclusively for women. She has been writing many Urdu Social, Adoration, Romantic, and fiction novels for many years in scheduled Urdu Digests.

Darbar-E-Mohabbat Novel PDF

Her works, always feature authoritative and relevant female characters. If you’re looking for the Nazia Kanwal Nazi’s All Books and Novels so you’ve come to the right place. here you will find every type of her novel.


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