Dar E Dil Novel By Nabeela Aziz

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Dar E Dil Novel By Nabeela Aziz

Dar E Dil Novel By Nabeela Aziz. The book was serialized in the Kiran Monthly digest. It clarifies the most important problems of our society regarding love. The author of the book is a journalist from Kiran digest Karachi and generally written specifically for this publication. The book initially was first printed in the local newspaper Kiran then it was released as a hardcover publication.

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Nabeela Aziz is an acclaimed writer for Urdu readers of stories, particularly women. There are several characters to be found that are featured in this story however the most prominent characters include Alizy as well as Abdullah, Zara, and Azar. She is currently working on an episode for Raqs e Bismal in the monthly program. All the main characters are their relatives. Kiran digest’s readers Kiran digest await this day with great anticipation.

Dar E Dil Novel By Nabeela Aziz

Summary of Novel

Although Zara is in love with Azar in a deep way, Azar’s parents oppose the couple and denounce her. Nabeela Aziz is an extremely skilled female writer, with amazing Urdu proficiency. In this manner, Zara’s parents are furious with their Azar family. She wrote in plain language and concise sentences. In the wake of this, Azar and his family had to deal with numerous family and social problems. The books written by Nabeela Aziz are simple to comprehend for regular readers.

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In spite of all this, Zara loves deeply Azar and her affection for Azar is not diminished. It is a romantic as well as social novel. The novel’s plot is riveting and keeps the reader engaged from beginning to end. The writer outlines the main problem of our society within the form of a story. It will leave an impression on the reader who has read it. I hope you like this story and will share it with your acquaintances.

Dar e Dil Novel By Nabeela Aziz Complete Pdf

If you’re a lover of the socio-romantic genre this book is the one for you. If you enjoyed the Dar e Dil Novel Pdf, make sure to sign up on our website to receive the latest updates to the book. Rog by Faiza Iftikhar, Meray Khwab Reza Reza by Maha Malik, and Dil Darya by Dilip Singh. You can also join our website on Facebook and Twitter. You can also read the novels our main Guman Nahi Yaqeen hoon, Dayar E Dil as well as Koi Aisa Ahl e Dil Ho.

Book/Title Dar E Dil
Author/Writer Nabeela Aziz
Pages 469
Category Novel
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