Christmas ki Haqiqat By Mufti Ahmadullah Qasmi

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Christmas ki Haqiqat

Christmas ki Haqiqat By Mufti Ahmadullah Qasmi کرسمس کی حقیقت

Christmas is the combination of two words: Christ as well as Mass. Christ is a reference to Christ and Mass refers to gathering, gathering with others for Christ and Christmas, which is celebrating the birth of Jesus. Christmas ki Haqiqat, An article about the topic of “Christmas” in the Encyclopedia Americana exposes this notion in the following way: “According to many theologians, Christmas was not celebrated in the beginning of the Christian Church.

کرسمس کی حقیقت – از مفتی احمد اللہ قاسمی

The publication that is under the review “The reality of Christmas in the mirror of history” is a significant work from the writer Mr. Abdulwaris Gul (who came to Gulshan Islam from Christianity) In it, he explains the significance of Christmas as seen through the mirror of time and its shari’a-related significance. The explanations are accompanied by arguments.

Book/Title Christmas ki Haqeqat
Author/Writer Mufti Ahmadullah Qasmi
Category Book
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