Bisat e Dil Novel by Amna Riaz

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Amna Riaz was the writer of Bisat and Dil Novel. It’s a beautiful romance novel that highlighted a number of social problems. The author described the emotions of women who fall in love. Amna Riaz is an acclaimed female writer. She is a top writer of women and a novelist writer. In her long-running career, she has written some high-quality books that were admired by readers. The majority are Amna Riaz Novels published first in episode form, and later in the traditional book format. Certain of her stories were adapted on television channels as well. We hope you enjoy the book Bisat Dil Novel and post it on social media platforms. Bisat e Dil Novel by Amna Riaz.

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A novel of great quality Bisat-Edil written by Amna Riaz. The story revolves around a Social Romantic story, the story is based on the socio-romantic discussions which take place in Pakistani film and society. At first, it appeared to be a month-to-month story within Kiran Digest; later distributed as a hardcover. Stories of three families Two of which were prosperous economically and the other two were a bit poor. In the tale, we see how the characters handle their issues in various ways, and how they eventually meet at some point. If you’ve been wanting to know more about Pakistani families, this novel is a good way to understand Pakistani customs and culture.

Bisat e Dil Novel by Amna Riaz

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Amna Riaz has written amazing romantic and social Urdu novels for various monthly digests.

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Bisat e Dil (bsTi dl) is a cult Urdu novel written by a famous women Urdu writer Amna Riaz. The story is about a heartfelt socio-political issue that takes place in the Pakistani population. It was initially published in the form of monthly episodes of Kiran Digest; later distributed in hardcover.

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The plot of the story is based on diverse characters who come from different backgrounds and adjust to the challenges of the future. It focuses on three families, two with good incomes and one that has a low expenses.

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Through the tale, we learn about how the characters deal with their issues in various ways and eventually meet one the other in the end.

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Amna Riaz perfectly depicts the everyday routine of three distant families. We learn about deeply felt connections, friendships families’ mishaps, family ill-favors, and loyalty issues in this novel. If you are a fan of Pakistani family dramas This novel is an excellent choice for you. The stories typically depict the struggles and traditions of the families that live in the home. She is most well-known for her novels that you might also want to take a look at…

Book/Title Bisat E Dil
Author/Writer Amna Riaz
Pages 972
Category Novel
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