Be Adab Be Naseeb By Hafiz Sabir Mahmood

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Be Adab Be Naseeb

Be Adab Be Naseeb By Hafiz Sabir Mahmood بے ادب بے نصیب

Literature and morals are the basic status of the society, which plays a very important role in uplifting the society. The honor of humanity is that a person is adorned with the jewel of literature, the person who does not have the essence of literature is a human animal. Be Adab Be Naseeb, A person without literature cannot make his position.

بے ادب بے نصیب – حافظ صابر محمود

In this factory of nature, whoever gets the blessings he got because of literature, and whoever is deprived of literature, such a person is truly deprived of all blessings.

Book/Title Be Adab Be Naseb
Author/Writer Hafiz Sabir Mahmood
Category Book
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