Bahisht Short Stories By Bushra Rehman

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Bahisht Novel

Bushra Rahman is a writer of the Bahisht Novel Pdf. Bushra Rahman is an acclaimed Pakistani poet, novelist, and columnist. It is her political career who was a third-time member of the parliament. Her work is poetry in Urdu, Punjabi, Siraiki, and the English language. However, the majority of her work is was not been published until now. Bahisht Short Stories By Bushra Rehman.

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The novelist Bushra Rahman has written this novel Bahisht Novel. She is a famous Pakistani poet, writer, and journalist. This book consists of three short stories which cover diverse issues related to folk and society that are a challenge to our everyday lives.

Bahisht Short Stories By Bushra Rehman

Book Theme:

In the novel, there are five stories that have different characters and subject matter. The main theme of all the chapters is parental love. The book contains the stories: Bahisht, Begum, Mamta, Amri, and Bad Dua. You can’t pick just one as they’re all interesting but use different approaches. They will keep you entertained throughout and offer a clear example to conclude. This book is for anyone who likes watching family drama novels.

Bahisht (Short Stories) By Bushra Rehman PDF

Bahisht(bhsht) is an acclaimed collection comprising short Urdu stories written by the renowned women Urdu author Bushra Rehman. This collection includes two novelettes as well as three short tales (fsny) which explore distinct social and political issues that defy our own locality.

Urdu Short Story Bahisht | Urdu Kahani Bahisht

Bushra Rehman was the writer of the Bahisht novel. It is a name that is well-known to Urdu readers since she has published numerous notable and hit books. She reveals in depth the human interactions, the mishaps that impact families as well as love and misfortune in her stories on a variety of social and personal issues.

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The female characters she writes about are well-written and appealing throughout the day. On this website, you can read about the work of Bushra Rehman. All Books and Novels.

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There is no way to choose one story over the rest since they’re all fantastic but in different ways. They keep you interested all through and provide a moral picture towards the close. This book is ideal for those who like reading stories about the family.

About the Bushra Rehman

Bushra Rehman is a fantastic novelist, politician, and scriptwriter. She has done a variety of great tasks in her career. This is why we’re going to discuss her accomplishments. She is a writer from Urdu, Punjabi, and Siraiki as well as English etymological. However, at present, the majority of her efforts have not been released to the public. Bushra Rahman is also criticized as a politician and was the third time member of the assembly. Bushra Rahman also writes an ad-hoc column in Pakistani Urdu newspapers.

Bahisht Novel PDF

She believes in the philosophy of Pakistan and assists this intellectual by writing. Additionally, Bushra is an outstanding speaker, and she has addressed many gatherings. The main subject that she covers in her Bushra Rehman books is the social aspects of Pakistani humanity. She governs the civilizations and the philosophy of society.

Book Title Bahisht
Author/Writer Bushra Rehman
Pages 184
Category Novel
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