Badla Mere Humraz Ka Rang (Stories) By Farhat Ishtiaq

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Badla Mere Humraz Ka Rang

Badla Mere Humraz Ka Rang is comprised of 13 (13) shorter stories that deal with tragic love and loss. Farhat Ishtiaq is the author of the book Badla Mere Humraz Rang PDF. Each story centers on a different subject and has a variety of characters. It’s a social, romantic book with thirteen stories.

Badla Mere Hamraz Ka Rang Novel pdf By Farhat Ishtiaq

You’ll feel a unique connection to each of the stories, and it will fill your heart, but leave you with a profound feeling of sorrow and loss in the final. These stories are where the writer writes about many things in an entertaining manner. The book includes the following collection of stories: She spoke about the various aspects of the book.

Badla Mere Humraz Ka Rang(Stories) By Farhat Ishtiaq

Badla Mere Humraz Ka Rang By Farhat Ishtiaq Pdf

  • Badla Mere Humraz Ka Rang
  • Yeh Khawab Toh Ek Sarab Hai
  • Yeh Shierakat Gawara Hai Mujhe
  • Yeh Hansata Hua Mausam
  • Main Chanda Mama
  • Kuch Pagal Pagal Se
  • Ap Apne Daam Mein
  • Taqreeb Kuch Toh Behar Mulaqat Chahiye
  • Ulti Hogai Sab Tadbeerein
  • Chalo Toro Qasam Iqrar Karein
  • Sirf Mohabbat
  • Hum Khawab Kyon Daikhein
  • Mausam-e-Gul

It’s not easy to decide which one is superior because they’re all fantastic in their own ways. Farhat Ishtiaq has a reputable reputation as a female novelist, storyteller, and screenplay writer. This book is a good read at one time. She wrote regularly in various Urdu Monthly digests.

Badla mere hamraz ka rang novel by Farhat Ishtiaq Online

If you like short Urdu stories This book is for you. In her lengthy writing career, she wrote a myriad of stories and novels that were episodic. Farhat Ishtiaq is a prominent and accomplished novelist in Urdu literature. Her dramas for various private channels earned her viewers across the country and brought her attention of her.

Farhat Ishtiaq novels pdf

The majority of her works are transformed into TV dramas and movies produced by major Pakistani television channels. I hope you enjoy the book Badla Mere Humraz Rang Pdf and do share it with your friends across various online social networks. She has written a variety of popular novels, including Humsafar and Bin Roye Ansoo and Mata-e-Jaan Hai Tu.

Book Title Badla Mere Humraz Ka Rang
Author/Writer Farhat Ishtiaq
Pages 288
Published date January 1, 2014
Category Novel
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