Baaghi Novel By Razia Butt

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Razia Butt is a writer of the book Baghi Novel. The book is a fantastic romantic, social and historical narrative. Razia Butt is a famous novelist and author. She wrote more than four hundred books. She worked for more than half a century and wrote mainly for women. Razia Butt wrote some great works, as well as some of her stories, were dramatized for TV channels. The Baghi Novel is a story of history about Jalal Ud Din Abar the third Mughal emperor of India. In addition, he was a judge in his court cases. There was a time when Akbar had to do injustice in his court case. The young Nadir Khan resisted Akbar and he resisted, but he subsequently forgave the man. This was due to the affection of Mehar Taj, the stepdaughter of Akbar e Azam. She received a lot of admiration from Akbar and then Jahangir. Baaghi Novel By Razia Butt.

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The novel Baaghi Novel Urdu is another fantastic tale. A novel is a classic piece that is a classic work of Urdu literature that does not require an introduction. It is a moving piece of literature that plays a crucial role in the Mughal empire. Razia Butt was the writer of the book Baghi Novel. The book contained romantic, social as well as historical tales. The writer wrote about Jalal-Ud-Din-Akbar, who was his name. He was the Mughal leader (3rd the King of Mughlai State). He was the embodiment of justice in all his dealings. The story is centered around special situations when his stepdaughter becomes engaged, and during this time, Akbar had to do injustice to his situation. A young man Nadir Khan resisted Akbar However, later on, Akbar excused the rebel. It was because of his admiration for Mehar Taj who was the stepdaughter of Akbar e Azam. Mehar Taj received a lot of respect from Akbar and then Jahangir.

Baaghi Novel By Razia Butt

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Baaghi (bGy) is an epic chronicled fiction Urdu novel written by renowned Pakistani journalist Razia Butt. It contains a tension-drama story that takes place under the reign of Jalal-uddin Akbar who was the third Mughal ruler.

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Jalal-uddin Akbar was a Mughal head who was well-known for his fair decisions in court in his regular. He was once forced to mark a false court application. This sparked a young man, Nadir Khan, to take on the judge.

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The story revolves around Nadir Khan’s refusal to submit to the ruler as well as his feelings towards Mehar Taj (stepdaughter of the sovereign). The writer effectively retells the stories of Akbar-e Azam’s Darbar. It will give you a greater knowledge of the ways the Mughals were in charge of India.

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This book is a must for those who love historical fiction, particularly concerning the Mughal empire.

About Razia Butt

Razia Butt is a well-known writer, story essayist, and show-author of Urdu. She wrote numerous books that received lots of praise from female viewers. Razia Butt was able to think of outstanding programs for PTV. I hope you will take a look at this book Baaghi Novel Urdu and offer it to your friends.

Book/Title Baaghi
Author/Writer Razia Butt
Pages 301
Published Date January 1, 2007
Category Novel
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