Azadi Ke Matwale Novel By Iqbal Kazmi

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Azadi Ke Matwale Novel

Iqbal Kazmi was the creator of Azadi Ke Matwale. Novel Pdf. Iqbal Kazmi is regarded as an excellent novelist of Urdu. Urdu language. He wrote some of the most popular novels like Atish Fishan, Gardab, Daulat Kay Pujari, Sunehri Sanp Aag, Angaray, Dehshat Gard, Mafia, etc. The stories were written by him in the show, and then they appeared in the monthly Digest Suspense and Jasoosi Karachi. Azadi Ke Matwale Novel By Iqbal Kazmi.

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Iqbal Kazmi has been the author of the novel Azadi The Ke Matwalay Novel. Iqbal Kazmi is a well-thought-out fantastic novelist from the Urdu language. The story depicts Kashmiri freedom fighters’ determination courage and the courage of their martyrs.

Azadi Ke Matwale Novel By Iqbal Kazmi

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Aazadi Ke Matwalay (azdy khy the mtwly) is an action-adventure Urdu novel written by the famous Urdu author Iqbal Kazmi. The story focuses on Kashmiri Freedom fighters’ determination bravery and sacrifices.

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It is the Azadi Ke Matwalay book’s plot is centered on two Kashmiri freedom fighters: Saleem Kashmiri as well as Tariq Saeed. Saleem is from India-controlled Kashmir and Tariq comes born in Azad Kashmir. Both are young and possess the determination to free themselves from Indian violence.

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They are inside the prison complex of Tihar, which is the most secure prison in India. They got out of the prison and begin an armed guerrilla battle against the brutal Indian forces. Even with few resources, they battled courageously and produced the desired outcomes.

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It’s an excellent thriller and adventure story that will keep you guessing at the final outcome. If you enjoy suspenseful stories about Kashmiri Freedom fighters you’ll enjoy this thrilling story.

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Iqbal Kazmithe creator of this book is among many prolific Urdu novelists. He has written numerous thrillers and exciting Urdu novels. He tackles various social problems which are threatening the fundamentals of our country. On this site, you can browse through the collection of Iqbal Kazmi’s novels.

Summary Of novel:

This publication, Azadi Ke Matwalay Novel covers the story of the independence fight in Jammu as well as Kashmir. The Kashmiri independence fighters have been fighting for independence from the Indian working force for many years. The freedom fighters gave up many times and yet they didn’t seem to get their hearts to. They fought alongside him and had the goal to regain independence. The publication Azadi Ke Matwalay Novel told the story of the determination, strength, and the utmost cost of the Kashmiri independence fighters.

About the Author:

Iqbal Kazmi, who is the journalist in this novel, is among the most active Urdu novelists, who has published a variety of page-turners as well as adventurous Urdu novels. He addresses a range of social problems that undermine the foundation of our country.

Azadi Ke Matwale Novel PDF

On this site, you will find the collection of Iqbal Kazmi’s Novels. The author also wrote several top-selling books such as Atish Fishan Gardab and Daulat Pujari. Sunehri Sanp Aag, Angaray, Dehshat Gard, Mafia, etc. The author wrote the stories for the episode, and they appeared in each month’s Digest Suspense along with Jasoosi Karachi.

Book/Title Azadi Ke Matwale
Author/Writer Iqbal Kazmi
Pages 192
Category Novel
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