Aye Sitara Shab-E-Zindagi Novel By Nighat Abdullah

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Aye Sitara Shab-E-Zindagi Novel By Nighat Abdullah

Aye Sitara Shab-E-Zindagi Novel By Nighat Abdullah. The story of the novel revolves around a young girl called Zara. The book Aye Sitara Shab e Zindagi PDF is an assortment that includes amazing romantic and social stories written by Nighat Abdullah. She is a huge fan of her cousin and they soon were married. This book’s author condemned the negative effects of community and offered an example of struggle and hope.

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However, a few mistakes alter her life completely, and their relationship is weakened. She described the emotions and emotions of a human being. This way she is faced with many challenges and issues to make her marriage robust. Nighat Abdullah is a top story-writer and a top novelist of Urdu. The author describes the people who have lost their relationships because of their small mistakes. She writes regularly for the digests, and she has also written many amazing novels.

Aye Sitara Shab-E-Zindagi Novel By Nighat Abdullah

Aye Sitara E Shab E Zindagi by Nighat Abdullah Download PDF

The story in the novel is fascinating and entices the readers. A portion of Nighat Abdullah’s stories has been dramatized by the most prestigious tv channels. If you’re a fan of the socio-romantic genre, this novel is perfect for you. I hope you will enjoy reading the book, Aye Sitara Shab e Zindagi PDF and you can share it. Nighat Abdullah is a well-known woman Urdu writer who wrote numerous amazing novels. Here you can download Nighat Abdullah Novels in pdf.

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In her narratives, she explores various features of the society we live in, their flaws, and the impact they have on our lives. You could be able to Raston Ke Sang Rahi, Ek Larki Ababeel Si along with Besimt Justaju Ka Safar. Her most read and her most acclaimed novels include Dil Phoolon Ki Bsti, Mujhe Na Dena: Roothne, as well as Aik Dua Ne Bacha Liya. Nighat Abdullah has been the writer of the novel Aye Sitara Shab e Zindagi PDF.

Novel Aye Sitara Shab-E-Zindagi By Nighat Abdullah

It is essential to read Nighat Abdullah’s All Novels. It’s another great romantic and socially-oriented novel, which was first published in a digest. It also became famous for the author. You may also like books similar to them: Bas Ke Dushwar Hai by Maha Malik, Beena by Razia Butt, Faslon Ka Zehar by Tahir Javed Mughal. The author spoke about the importance of living and the relationships with it.

Book Title Aye Sitara Shab-E-Zindagi
Author/Writer Nighat Abdullah
Pages 90
Category Novel
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