Aurat ki Islami Zindagi By Mufti Abdul Ghafoor

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Aurat ki Islami Zindagi

Aurat ki Islami Zindagi By Mufti Abdul Ghafoor عورت کی اسلامی زندگی

A little bit of knowledge is better than a whole lot of worship. Worshipping Allah is sufficient to allow a person to become an expert jurist. Aurat ki Islami Zindagi, Women are more numerous that men throughout the Islamic world. This is the class of oppressed that is always serving men as wives, mothers daughters, sisters and wives.

عورت کی اسلامی زندگی

The rise in Islam was a call to liberation for women from the chains of humiliation, slavery and oppression.

Book/Title Aurat ki Islami Zindage
Author/Writer Mufti Abdul Ghafoor
Category Book
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