Atash E Ishq Novel By Wahiba Fatima

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Atash E Ishq Novel

Atash Ishq Novel tells the story of a boy who wants to take revenge on a girl who has hurt his respect and gave him a slap before all universities. Aatish e Ishq Novel by Wahiba Wahiba was one of the most famous Urdu novel writers. The boy is now determined to ruin girl life and kidnap her. Atash E Ishq Novel. The latest novel is Aatish e Ishq Novel, by Wahiba. How anger can become our greatest regret. It is not the most popular, but it is very well-known. We made a terrible decision when we were angry and wanted to exact revenge.

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Wahiba’s Aatish e Ishq Novel is a unique novel that focuses on love and society. This is what the Devil wants and how we will never get our time back for sins. Wahiba is a famous author whose works are loved by all. This story is about a boy who takes revenge on his father and has his own happy ending. She now wants to instill a new idea in the minds and hearts of her readers.

Atash E Ishq Novel

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His own actions are the greatest life-long regret. She always tries her best to teach her readers a lesson so that every piece of writing is read and not wasted time. This is a very fascinating love story written by wahiba Fatima Atash ishq. You can now read the novel. Wahiba’s Aatish e Ishq Novel Online.

Story of Novel

This novel is free to download. It contains love, romance, and fights. Atash Ishq Novel tells the story of a university student. There are sad moments too, because happiness is not always possible. The boy who loves the girl, and how his actions make the girl take action in front of others.

aatish e ishq novel kitab dost

This novel is a lesson to us. To download Aatishe e Ishq Novel, click the link below. Now, love is turned into anger and this boy takes revenge. Please refresh the page if the link does not work. The revenge is even more painful after he kidnaps the girl.

aatish e ishq novel by wahiba fatima season 2

All the novels can be downloaded in PDF format for offline reading. Fear of his pride won’t allow him to remain the same. There are also many other Urdu novels that you can find in various categories. This novel will tell you how your love story ended. Simply choose from the list and begin reading.

Book/Title Atash E Ishq
Author/Writer Wahiba Fatima
Pages 775
Category Novel
Read Online


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