Aqdar Ki Taleem By Mufti Akhtar Imam Adil

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Aqdar Ki Taleem

Aqdar Ki Taleem By Mufti Akhtar Imam Adil – اقدار کی تعلیم

Education isn’t just concerned with studying data and mastering the subjects which are taught in school. The subject of education has been the issue of intense discussion and research since the 18th century. Aqdar Ki Taleem, In terms of the development of culture and values via education are concerned the values are always a central part of the religious schools.

اقدار کی تعلیم – از مفتی اختر امام عادل

The madrasahs of the religious are the pillars of Islam and are the source of Islamic studies. They nurture individuals who are specialists of Islamic studies, possess a strong religious inclinations and are in the right direction.

Book/Title Aqdar Ki Talem
Author/Writer Mufti Akhtar Imam Adil
Category Book
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