Amarbail Afsanay By Bano Qudsia

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Amarbail Afsanay By Bano Qudsia

Bano Qudsia is the author of the book Amar Bail Novel pdf. Writer Bano Qudsia is a famous female spiritualist and Best writer. She is the mother of Ashfaq Ahmad, a legendary writer from Urdu. Bano Qudsia wrote many novels and television dramas. Amarbail Afsanay By Bano Qudsia, Her fame was boosted by Raja Gidh Novel in addition to having been awarded numerous prizes.

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Bano Qudsia has a lot of respect within the circle of writers and readers. She is well-known for her Aapa title. Aapa is a saintly attraction to the Sufi faith of Muslims. I hope you enjoy this book Amar Bail Novel pdf and recommend it to your social media friends.

Amarbail Afsanay By Bano Qudsia

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Amarbail” Bano Qudsia composed an entire novel. The book is a collection of Urdu short stories that are romantically social and moral. The stories within this collection focus on some of our most significant social issues like unjust relationships, broken families, the need for power, anxiety of concentration, and the need to make sacrifices.

Aik Mohabbat so afsanay drama list

There’re nine stories in this book are listed below:

  • Ho naqsh agar batil (be imprinted if false)
  • Saughaat (feast)
  • Kitne so saal (how many years)
  • Samaan shivan (shivan goods)
  • Mauj muheet aab main (tide in water)
  • Samjhauta (agreement)
  • Na-khawanda (ilertrate)
  • Amarbail (amarbail)

The Amarbail book contains the short story of nine Bano Qudsia Urdu tales. Each tale has a distinct character and subject. Amarbail Afsanay By Bano Qudsia, The book is not simply a collection of tales every one of them reveals society’s weak points and tries to address these weaknesses.

About Bano Qudsia:

It’s not the wrong extent that Amarbail is the most famous of these short stories however that doesn’t mean that other short stories are less good. They are equally enjoyable. We’re confident that you’ll love reading the short stories by Bano Qudsia.

The Pakistani government awarded Qudsia the Sitara-iImtiaz award. In 2010 the Pakistani government praised Hilal-i-Imtiaz’s contribution to his contributions to the field of literature. It is possible to read the stories or biographies, as well as the dramas that are listed.

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Bano Qudsia was a novelist and dramatist from Pakistan born in Firozpur on the 28th of November 1928. She left after India’s partition. India. She graduated from Kinard College Lahore. She also mentions the name of Bano Aapa. Her fame was a result of his most popular novel Raja Gidh.






Best work of bano Qudsiya.

Book/Title Amarbail Afsanay
Author/Writer Bano Qudsia
Pages 248
Published Date 2017
Language Urdu
Read Online


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