Alif Novel (Complete) By Umera Ahmed

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Alif Novel

Umera Ahmad wrote the story called Alif Novel Pdf. It’s a great serialized story of romance and social issues that are published in the monthly episode. It is also dramatizing for a TV channel and will be released as an audiobook. It gives digital touches to this Urdu novel.

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The story is about a boy who was dreaming of a Dervish at night. He began writing each day a letter for Allah Almighty and waited for an answer. Finally, the child was surprised to receive a response from Allah upon his return from school.

Alif Novel (Complete) By Umera Ahmed

Overview of Novel:

Alif Novel Written by Umera Ahmed Umera Ahmed is among the most famous Urdu novelists. Alif Novel by Umera Ahmed is the oldest novel written by the author. The novel was written several years prior, yet it received a lot of fame. Every book lover who reads novels would like to read this novel. Alif Novel written by Umera Ahmed is an outstanding novel based on our society and our love. The story first appeared to be published in Khawateen Digest in the irregular format in June 2000 and was made available in the form of a book by Ilm-o-Irfan producers in 2012. The story also aired on GEO TV in 2020.

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Alif (lf) can be described as the latest novel (as as of March 20, 2021) written by the well-known and loved woman Urdu author Umera Ahmed. The story first came out in a month-to-monthly digest. Later it eventually became a full book, followed by an English version. GEO TV adjusted the story into a television show that had a similar name. It is one of Umaira Ahmed’s most popular and well-read books.

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Umera Ahmed is among the most acclaimed Pakistani writers who are thriving in the present. She has written a number of bestsellers such as Peer-e-Kamil, La Hasil, Amarbail as well as Zindagi Gulzar Hai. Her narratives generally revolve around the journey of individuals from their natural love to eternal love.

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She writes in an easily understood and understandable manner so that everyone can be aware of her novel’s particular situation. On this website, you can read All Urdu Novels Of Umera Ahmed.

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She clarifies the connection beautifully and says Allah’s name starts with Alif as well as the term Insaan (Human) is also beginning with Alif. In this way, the relationship between Allah as well as Insaan is hidden in the small word Alif. The more straight Alif is the more solid the connection. In addition, the more bent Alif is bent, the more fragile the relationship.

Storyline Novel:

The novel is about an infant boy with fragility in his joining. Alif is a story that sheds light on the relationship and the connection between Allah Almighty and man. It is basically the story of a charm’s journey through mystical experiences throughout his life, separating himself from God to find the correct route. The story begins with a child named Qalb-e -Momin who writes messages to Allah. He writes down details of everything that occurs to dropping the letter in a box close to his home.

Author Umera Ahmed:

Umera Ahmed is a Pakistani writer, playwright, and novelist. Umera Ahmed isn’t one to talk openly. She explains her topic by telling a fascinating and captivating story.

Alif Novel PDF

She has become a genius in just a short amount of time. She is amazing in her plays and stories. Umera Ahmed is among the most read and well-known Urdu fiction novelists as well as writers of the state of affairs of our time.


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