Al Muwatta Imam Malik

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Al Muwatta Imam Malik

Al Muwatta Imam Malik – المؤطا امام مالک

Al Muwatta Imam Malik is an early book in Hadith. Written by Imam Malik bin Anas. Imam-iHamam, Imam Malik and his great collection of Latif al-Muta’s are highly appreciated by Muslims. The number of narrators who come from Imam Malik (may Allah have mercy on his soul) is also extremely high.

المؤطا امام مالک

A variety of books of hadiths were written and recorded during different periods The collection of hadiths by Imam Malik bin Anas called “Mu’ta Imam Malik” has been credited as an early book of the editing series of hadiths.

Book/Title Al Muwatta Imam Malek
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Maktaba Al Bushra
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Maktaba Rahmania
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