Afra Tafreeh By Dr. Younis Butt

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Afra Tafreeh

Afra Tafreeh, written by Afra Tafreeh by Dr. Younis Butt is a hilarious Pdf Urdu book that contains lots of humorous articles from Dr. Younis Butt who is the most well-known comedy writer. It is written by Dr. Younis Butt and is best recognized by his Urdu books as a comedy-drama script writer as well as comedy TV shows such as Hum Sub Umeed Se Hain. Tafreeh is a true Urdu book on some of the most humorous and hilarious writings by Dr. Younis Butt. The author has written humorous pieces about Gulabon Wali Gali Wali, Haseen Atom Bomb, Eid Milna, Pabandi Ki Auqat Adha Shia Adha Mard, Super hit heroin, Kuch cigarette Ke Baray Mein, and many more humorous stories that make you smile. It is unlikely to bore you in the event that you even have the slightest sense of humor.

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Afra Tafreeh is a much sought-after novel that is popular but is written by the renowned Urdu comedian Dr. Younis Butt. After it was published monthly by Khawateen Digest in 2014, it was published as a hardcover book. This collection is filled with intriguing and amusing stories, jocks humor, satire, and fascinating articles written that are written in The Urdu language.

Afra Tafreeh By Dr. Younis Butt

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Who is Dr. Younis Butt?

Dr. Younis Butt is one of the most well-known writers journalists, columnists, and journalists who lived in Pakistan. He is well-known for his significant work in Pakistan media. Some of his work can be listed below. His most well-known program is Hum Sab Umeed Sai Hai. A significant portion of his television shows was taken from his work. The current show will be Hum Sab Ajeeb Se Hain which is broadcast through Aaj Entertainment. His first dramatization that became famous as a novelist is Family Front.

Summary of Novel:

There are about fifty brief pieces in this book. Each one is devoted to a different subject, and also has interesting characters. The stories are filled with funny jokes. The writer makes fun of the various outcomes of our common society without being disrespectful regarding it.

Book Title Afra Tafreeh
Author/Writer Dr. Younis Butt
Pages 155
Published date January 1, 2010
Category Novel
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