Aatish Fishan Complete Novel By Iqbal Kazmi

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Aatish Fishan Complete Novel By Iqbal Kazmi

Iqbal Kazmi was the creator of the novel Aatish Fishan Novel Pdf. It’s an outstanding novel that was published by Jasoosi Digest for a long time. Iqbal Kazmi, the writer of Aatish Fishan is a well-known storyteller who wrote many of the top books for reading. His book Aatish Fishan is his best work. Aatish Fishan is adored by people who read Urdu books all over the world.

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The story is about Aatish Fishan, an innocent young man called Wajdan Ali who entered into an armed conflict with his foes in his early years. The war began after the murder of the family he was with. Wajdan was a lover of his parents and wanted to take revenge for his innocent mother and father’s murder. Over the years Wajdan fought his enemies and took on the pain of his streams.

Aatish Fishan Complete Novel By Iqbal Kazmi

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Aatish Fishan, is a popular novel that is written in the form of a manuscript in Jasoosi digest, which is an episodically written novel. The novel that is the best-selling one was written by the famous Urdu author Iqbal Kazmi. The novel tells a thrilling tale of the young, clear Wajdan Ali who is wounded by the insanity of brutality.

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Aatish Fishan (atsh fshN) is an experience sequential novel written by famous Urdu journalist Iqbal Kazmi. The novel was previously published scattered throughout the month-to-month monthly Jasoosi Digest – and later was published as a 13-volume soft-cover book series. It is among the most impressive works by Iqbal Kazmi.

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Aatish Fishan is the story of a young and attractive man known as Wajdan whose guardians stand a chance to save him. Their executioners are looking for his death as he witnessed their murder. However, fate has arranged something else for him. He accepts the situation and sets out to hunt down the perpetrators and prove the death of his family. In this way, an activity-filled scenario is created, and it’s enjoyable to explore.

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The story’s roots are established in the general public and also in individuals. The story depicts the ugliness of primitive, abusive rulers and cruel landowners in a strikingly subtle way. The characters in this film aren’t awe-inspiring but are people who we see every day.

About Novel’s Story:

Iqbal Kazmi, the writer for this book, is among the most successful Urdu authors who has written several spine-chilling novels and bold Urdu books. He is prone to a variety of types of malice in the social sphere which challenges the restraining force of our country. On this website, you can read your way through the Collection of Iqbal Kazmi’s Novels.

Aatish Fishan Novel PDF

The plot of this novel revolves around an innocent boy who was injured by vicious people. One time, he witnessed an assassin who murdered his parents, so he witnessed the brutal killing of his parents. The graveyard was set within his chest, and his brain was roiling like the top of a volcano. Every moment of his existence caused a new fear for his family and friends. The killers of his parents sought to eliminate him as well. He was aware of his enemies however, he was unable to treat anything. Wajdan Ali was seeing for accommodation. In this situation, he may be able to deal with these Monsters.

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In the end, it was that the surroundings led him to an apartment where his life was about to change fashion. In this story can see how the writer presented this story.

About author Iqbal Kazmi:

Iqbal Kazmi, who wrote the story for this book, is among the most prolific Urdu novelists who have written many action films and daring Urdu novels. He focuses on social issues that threaten the foundation of our country. On this site, you will be able to read the group of Iqbal Kazmi’ Novels.

Book/Title Aatish Fishan
Author/Writer Iqbal Kazmi
Pages 532
Category Novel
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