Aap Naam Kaisay Rakhen? By Maulana Khalid Khan Qasmi

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Aap Naam Kaisay Rakhen

Aap Naam Kaisay Rakhen? By Maulana Khalid Khan Qasmi آپ نام کیسے رکھیں؟

Parents should provide their child with an appropriate name since it is the very first and most important gift they can give towards their kid. When a baby is born, the first step is to give the child a name. Aap Naam Kaisay Rakhen, That child is the one who clings to his chest for the rest of his life, until he’ll be referred to by the same name when he reaches day of resurrection. Day of Resurrection.

آپ نام کیسے رکھیں؟

Names that are good have a positive effect and can be very beneficial to the personality of a child. The first thing a parent presents to their child’s name is. Therefore, the name should be an appropriate name.

Book/Title Aap Naam Kaesay Rakhen?
Author/Writer Maulana Khalid Khan Qasmi
Category Book
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