Aakhri Chattan Novel By Naseem Hijazi

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Aakhri Chattan Novel

Akhri Chattan Novel, also known as Chattan Novel novel written by Naseem Hijazi. In the publication, Akhri Chattan Pdf described the Mongol attacks on the Khwarizm Dynasty. In Akhri-Chavan Pdf, Naseem Hijazi explains the Sultan Jalal Ud Din Khwarizm that ended his people from moving the Mongol twenty years of the march towards Baghdad. Khwarizm Shah examines the last obstacle in the way of Mongols in the region of Baghdad. Aakhri Chattan Novel By Naseem Hijazi.

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Akhri Chattan Novel was composed by Naseem Hijazi. The storyline of the novel is based on during Mongol attacks Khwarizm Dynasty. But, since historical base novels are typically captivating, the best feature of this one is that it doesn’t cause the reader to feel bored. The novel is about 360 pages and isn’t that long.

Aakhri Chattan Novel By Naseem Hijazi

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At the beginning of the 13th century, when Mongols were in charge of China and central Asia the region was ruled by a brave Muslim ruler who smashed the Mongols at least a couple of times. The name of his ruler was Sultan Jalalal-ud-noise. He was the final major dissuader (Aakhri Chattan) under the leadership that was used by Genghis Khan.

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In the battle with Genghis Khan during the 1221’s war, Khan demonstrated incredible courage that frightened Genghis Khan and the Mongol forces, including Genghis Khan. He also attempted to bring together all Muslim chiefs in a pennant to fight the Mongols. However, the Muslim chiefs did not realize the severity of the situation that led to a tragedy similar to Baghdad’s demise.

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In between, them is the story of Tahir container Yusuf who is an Arab young man who has left his home and moved to Baghdad to fight for Islam. He builds his house on the Tigris River (dryy’y djlh). He tries to warn the people from Baghdad regarding the dangers Genghis Khan’s clans can bring. In all likelihood, nobody was paying attention to his warnings. In the end, the journey takes him to various combat zones, where he fights close to Jalaluddin on a variety of fronts.

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In summary, Aakhri Chattan’s story is based on Khawarzmi Jalal-ud-racket’s obstinacy against Genghis Khan’s depraved actions throughout Central Asia. The story also provides insight into the efforts and inability to bring together all Muslims under one flag and the results resulting in extreme outcomes.

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In the end, Aakhri’s story is about Khawarzmi’s Sultan Jalalal-uddin’s story of how he became a conflict with Genghis Khan’s slaughters across Central Asia. It also sheds an eye on the attempts and frustrations to bring the entire population of Muslims under one banner, and the subsequent shocks that have plain importance.

About Naseem Hijazi:

Naseem Hijazi was a well-known scriptwriter broadcaster, historian, and novelist from Urdu. He has written about 18 books and numerous short stories that were published in the Urdu digest. He also contributed to the development of novel scripts. It is not a stretch to state that there is no doubt that he was a pioneer in antiquity novels. Naseem Hijazi is an accomplished storyteller. Their best-selling books of his are listed below:

Aakhri Chattan Novel

Gumshuda Qaafley, Kaleesa Aur Aag, Andheri Raat Ke Musafir.

Book/Title Aakhri Chattan
Author/Writer Naseem Hijazi
Pages 680
Published Date January 1, 1963
Category Novel
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